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This is an example of a poem I have written

I have written a Poem for Lea and David


I know tonight might be a shock

For this wedding is a surprise

But they’ve been planning it for months

The engagement party was just a guise


They met at Tracey’s birthday

It was March two thousand and three

Lea may have had a few drinks

But David was off his tree


Lea thought David a gentleman

And she noticed his thinning hair

It might have put some women off

But to her it’s just ground under repair


David found Lea friendly

Very good looking and cute

But at the time she had a boyfriend

He was hoping she would give him the boot


Their first date was to Movies

They saw Snakes on a Plane

I’m not sure how much of it they saw

Because when it’s dark it’s hard to abstain


Now David proposed in Sydney

But it wasn’t over dinner

He’d been away at the races

He must have backed a winner


Lea says David is her rock

And she loves his passion and loyalty

But he reads the paper on the throne

Does he think he is royalty? 


David loves Lea’s compassion

And she never lets him down

She is always there for him

Maybe she deserves the crown!


Now David leaves his clothes on the floor

And when he sleeps he makes lots of sound

Between heavy breathing and snoring

Lea feels like slapping him around


Lea has a habit of stacking things

She says out of sight is best

David dares not make a complaint

Because he knows he could be next


Lea is a keen photographer

And she loves Facebook as well

David is hoping for a Grand Final for Carlton

But without Fevola who can tell


They look forward to a fulfilling life together

And to be as happy as they are today

They hope to travel the world some more

And have a family along the way


Now this day has finally arrived

Soon Lea and David will say “I do”

We wish them a long and happy life

Because only the best will do


Written by: Michael Barnes and Judy Lazenby © 2010

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